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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Microsoft to launch new phone software

To take on Apple Inc's iPhone and Research in Motion's BlackBerry, Microsoft which makes operating systems for phones made by HTC, Samsung Electronics, Motorola and others, are planning to introduce its new mobile phone software.

The company is all set to regain its momentum in the fast-growing sector after a lackluster update to its mobile software in October. Mainly Microsoft's technology supports burgeoning smartphone market, which is likely to be the future of communication and media, but last year, the company took just an 8.8 percent of the global smartphone operating system market, down from 13.9 percent the year before.

Symbian is leading the chart with its software being used by Nokia phones. Symbian holds 47.2 percent of the market, RIM's BlackBerry with 20.8 percent and Apple's iPhone with 15.1 percent. Even Google is not much behind, as it already has a 4.7 percent share of the market, reports Bill Rigby of Reuters.

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