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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Subconcious health

As we all know, the subconscious mind is very powerful, and that the mind and body are linked together. Now everyone admits to some degree that the mind influences the body in more ways than one.

For example, everyone has noticed people going RED with Anger, or have felt the stopping of their heart beat at some sudden fright, the quickening of their breath and thumping of their heart caused by excitement.

Then there are those that we have been programmed with. We sit in a draught and our programming teaches us that we should get a cold or fever. So we have a cold or fever. We eat something that we are told is indigestable, and virtually immediately, we are rewarded with stomach pains.

In the same way, whenever we hear of a sickness going round, the FEAR of it visualises in our minds, and as we believe its true, so we too, get it.

The thing is, our body's are designed to heal themselves constantly, all the way down to our cells. For instance, what happens when you cut yourself? Your body automatically heals itself, doesn't it? You break a bone, it heals itself. How does this work? Well because we are programmed and believe this is possible for the human body, without question, we expect it with 100% belief, and as a result, we are healed.

In most cases, it is fear that generates the bad health. The chinese have a saying that when a plague comes, 5000 people may be affected by the plague. But 50,000 will be affected by the Fear of it.

So if you begin Now to program and believe that your body automatically heals itself, and that you constantly have excellent health and fitness, in just a short period of time, you will begin to notice positive benefits in your overall health.

Don't just take my word for it, test it with positive belief and start noticing your own results.

NOTE: This is not to say you should ignore medicines, This is my personal opinion on how I believe the subconscious mind heals the body.

Learn to value your life

As we journey through life, we often look at our circumstances and begin to believe stories that better opportunities are available else where. When in actual fact, the life we seek is right here, just where we are now. We should enjoy the journey and be grateful for what we have achieved, and what we currently have.

Here is a short story to illustrate my point...

Its taken from 'Acres Of Diamonds' by Russel Conwell and written in the late 1800's.

This is a story about a man out in California, who, in 1847, owned a ranch out there. He read that gold had been discovered in southern California, and he sold his ranch to a Colonel Sutter and started off to hunt for gold.

Colonel Sutter put a mill on the little stream in that farm, and one day his little girl brought some wet sand from the raceway of the mill into the house and placed it before fire to dry, and as that sand was falling through the little girl's fingers, a visitor saw the first shining scales of real gold that were ever discovered in California. But the man who wanted the gold had sold his ranch and gone away to look for it.

Whatever we require in life is always right here, and we should be grateful for it.

Everyday, at the end of the day, think about...

# What am I happy about today?

# What did I accomplish today?

# Who did I help today?

# What changes to my life did I make today?

# What did I learn today?

# What am I positive about today?

# What obstacles did I overcome today?

# What did I laugh about today?

Master your emotions

Emotion. A very powerful part of everyday life. Emotions are created differently depending on your thought patterns.They can make you feel happy or sad, healthy or sick. Stress, anxiety, or even depression are among the biggest challenges you could face if you do not positively control your emotions. They will either drive your forwards towards success, or stop you, dead in your tracks.

Now your emotions may make you see things differently to somebody else.

For example, lets say you went to see a movie and in some parts, found it very emotional. Now lets assume your friend goes to watch the same movie and finds it quite entertaining, with no emotional attachment at all.

Its how we view our environment that determines our emotional state in any given situation.

You see, you are always in one emtional state at any given time. There is no neutral. These states could be positive or negative, again no neutral. You are constantly switching from one emotional state to another, you just don't notice it.

The things people say about you, positive or negative, intentionally or unintentionally, can have a dramatic effect on your life. So if you do not positively control your emotions, then someone else will.

If you hear something about you being said that is not true, do not let yourself get emotionally attached. It will only increase the emotional pain, and could make you unwell. Instead, take control of your thought. Redirect your thought to something positive and tell yourself that you willnot allow negative gossip to ruin your day.



EXERCISE: Think of a time when you felt anger. Return to that image right now. Think about what you saw, heard, and felt.

Now think of what you are going to eat for dinner tonight...

Okay, now Sit up straight, hand by your side, put a big smile on your face... now keep that posture and smile, and try to think about the time when you felt anger...

You will probably find its very difficult to produce an image, AND the emotion is no longer there!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Laptop for the ladies

These concepts by Nikita Buyanov show laptops for HP-Intel, custom made specifically for women. The laptops come with a range of interesting features, aimed fair and square at the intended demographic. Where else would see laptops that double up as weighing machines, carry makeup, switch to mirror mode and have a built-in on-nail printing device.

Laptop for the ladies

Laptop for the ladies

Laptop for the ladies

Laptop for the ladies

Laptop for the ladies

Laptop for the ladies

Laptop for the ladies

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ancient Chola period temple unearthed in North Jaffna

A limestone temple 40 feet long and 10 feet wide belonging to the Chola period has been unearthed in the Delft area of Northern Jaffna.

Commenting on the finding, Professor P. Pushparatnam of the Jaffna University History Department, said the people of the locality are unable to say when this temple was built.

According to Sri Lanka's Daily News daily, the ruins indicate that the building would have been built many years ago.

It is opined that if this temple had been built during the latter period of the Dutch reign or in the beginning of British rule in Sri Lanka, the people would be in a position to give some clues about the origin of the temple, he said.

The statues and the art work on stones, irrigation pipes made of baked clay and a coin found by one of Prof. Pushparatnam's students with the name of Rajaraja Chola embossed on it clearly indicate that the temple would have been built during the Chola period.

Gene test to predict your child's sporting caliber

Wondering whether your child is going to be good in sports? Here is a way to find out. A private laboratory chain in India Thursday launched a novel sports gene test that can provide answer to such queries.

The laboratory chain said that the answer to a child excelling or not is decided by a gene called ACTN-3, widely referred to as the Sports Gene.

The test by Super Religare Laboratories (SRL), a leading diagnostics network in the country, involves a swab sample collection from the mouth to judge the sporting efficiency of a child.

'The sports gene test has immense value, especially in a country like India where parents want their children to excel in sports. With this test, parents would be able to channelise their desire for their children to excel by appropriately guiding them to the sports to which they are genetically better disposed to,' Sanjeev K. Chaudhry, chief executive of SRL, said.

Every individual has two copies of the ACTN3 gene, one from each parent. The ACTN3 gene essentially produces a protein which helps fast-twitch muscle fibers to produce high energy surges for a short time. Fast muscle fibres are the cells that underline rapid, forceful muscle contraction in activities like sprinting and weightlifting.

The X variant of the ACTN3 gene, however, disables the production of this protein, resulting in its deficiency and leading to absence of energy surge. Energy is released over a period of time, which is suited best for endurance sports (long distance running, swimming across long distances).

'This will be helpful in identifying the sport that children, aged between 2 to 13 years, have a natural predilection for,' Chaudhry said.

Students who understand Earth's geological age are more likely to accept human evolution

A new study has determined that high school and college students who understand the geological age of the Earth (4.5 billion years) are much more likely to understand and accept human evolution.

The study, carried out by researchers at the University of Minnesota, could give educators a new strategy for teaching evolution, since the Earth's age is typically covered in physical rather than biological science classes.

Researchers Sehoya Cotner and Randy Moore, professors in College of Biological Sciences, and D. Christopher Brooks, of the university's Office of Information Technology, surveyed 400 students enrolled in several sections of a University of Minnesota introductory biology course for non-majors.

The survey included questions about knowledge of evolution and whether students were taught evolution or creationism in high school as well as questions about religious and political views.

Participation was voluntary and had no effect on grades for the course.

The researchers extracted six variables from the survey to explore factors that contributed to students' views about the age of the Earth and origins of life and the relation of those beliefs to students' knowledge of evolution and their vote in the 2008 presidential election.

Using that information, they created a model that shows, for example, when a student's religious and political views are liberal, they are more likely to believe that the Earth is billions, rather than thousands, of years old and to know more about evolution.

Conversely, students with conservative religious and political views are more inclined to think the Earth is much younger (20,000 years or less) and to know less about evolution.

"The role of the Earth's age is a key variable that we can use to improve education about evolution, which is important because it is the unifying principle of biology," said lead author Sehoya Cotner, associate professor in the Biology Program, which provides general biology classes for University of Minnesota undergraduates.

Through this and previous surveys, Cotner and her colleagues have learned that 2 percent of students are taught creationism only, 22 percent are taught evolution and creationism, 14 are taught neither and 62 percent evolution only.

"In other words, about one in four high school biology teachers in the upper Midwest are giving students the impression that creationism is a viable explanation for the origins of life on Earth," Cotner said.

"That's just not acceptable. The Constitution prohibits teaching creationism in schools," Cotner added.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Computers 'understand women more than men'

London, Mar 5 (ANI): Voice recognition computers find men harder to understand than women, Edinburgh University scientists have found.

In the study, researchers recorded phone calls and studied how much of conversations a recognition system could understand, and after analyses they discovered that computers failed to understand men's speech because they make "umm" and "err" sounds more frequently.

The research also revealed that computers made mistakes with words which sound similar and can occur in similar contexts, such as "I saw him" or "I saw them", reports The BBC.

Boffins said it was hard to design a computer that could understand so many different kinds of voices but this research should help improve it.

The study, a collaboration between the University of Edinburgh and Stanford University in the US, was published in the journal Speech Communication.

Dr Sharon Goldwater, of Edinburgh University's school of informatics, who led the research, said: "Voices vary from one person to the next and it is challenging to design a computer system that can understand lots of different voices.

"We hope that by closely studying how people speak and how machines process this, we can help create better systems that will be simple and efficient for people to use."

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Uttar Pradesh gets DNA lab, lie-detector

Lucknow, March 2 (IANS) Uttar Pradesh's first DNA laboratory with an additional lie-detector facility is coming up here.

Set up on the premises of the existing forensic science laboratory, the new facilities would become operational by the end of March, Inspector General of Police (Technical Services) R.N. Singh told IANS Tuesday.

Till now, DNA samples have to be sent to Hyderabad, which has the country's only DNA laboratory so far.

'Besides signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Hyderabad laboratory, we have also sought the services of some retired scientists from there and they were training our personnel to carry out DNA tests,' pointed out Singh, who had already started receiving queries from several North Indian states keen on referring their cases to Lucknow.

As the new lab would also carry out tests for private individuals and organisations, a team of experts has been detailed to prescribe the fee for different investigations.

Singh said: 'The equipment installed here is a DNA analyser, DNA sequencing, genotyping and genetic identification.'

He added: 'Currently, we are getting our personnel trained to carry out the polygraph lie-detector test under experts at the Sanjay Gandhi Post-Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences here.'

Singh pointed out that 'the new facilities would go a long way to work out cases that hang fire largely on account of the failure of policemen to extract truth out of hardened criminals.'

So far, Uttar Pradesh police had to refer all investigations relating to brain-mapping to laboratories in Chandigarh, Bangalore, Ahmedabad and Mumbai.

Chandrayaan-I finds ice near Moon's north pole

Washington: Using data from a NASA radar that flew aboard India's Chandrayaan-1 spacecraft, scientists have detected ice deposits totalling at least an estimated 600 million metric tons near the moon's north pole.

NASA's Mini-SAR instrument, a lightweight, synthetic aperture radar, found more than 40 small craters ranging in size from 2 to 15 km in diameter with water ice, the US space agency announced Monday.

"The emerging picture from the multiple measurements and resulting data of the instruments on lunar missions indicates that water creation, migration, deposition and retention are occurring on the moon," said Paul Spudis, principal investigator of the Mini-SAR experiment at the Lunar and Planetary Institute in Houston.

"The new discoveries show the moon is an even more interesting and attractive scientific, exploration and operational destination than people had previously thought."

"After analysing the data, our science team determined a strong indication of water ice, a finding which will give future missions a new target to further explore and exploit," said Jason Crusan, programme executive for the Mini-RF Programme for NASA's Space Operations Mission Directorate in Washington.

The Mini-SAR's findings are consistent with recent findings of other NASA instruments and add to the growing scientific understanding of the multiple forms of water found on the moon, NASA said.

The agency's Moon Mineralogy Mapper discovered water molecules in the moon's polar regions, while water vapour was detected by NASA's Lunar Crater Observation and Sensing Satellite, or LCROSS.

Mini-SAR, a lightweight (less than 10 kg) imaging radar, and Moon Mineralogy Mapper are two of 11 instruments carried by the Indian Space Research Organisation's (ISRO) Chandrayaan-1.

The Mini-SAR has imaged many of the permanently shadowed regions that exist at both poles of the moon. These dark areas are extremely cold and it has been hypothesised that volatile material, including water ice, could be present in quantity there.

The main science object of the Mini-SAR experiment is to map and characterise any deposits that exist.

Numerous craters near the poles of the moon have interiors that are in permanent sun shadow. These areas are very cold and water ice is stable there, essentially indefinitely.

Fresh craters show high degrees of surface roughness (high circular polarisation ratio - CPR) both inside and outside the crater rim, caused by sharp rocks and block fields that are distributed over the entire crater area, NASA said.

However, Mini-SAR has found craters near the north pole that have high CPR inside, but not outside their rims. This relation suggests that the high CPR is not caused by roughness, but by some material that is restricted within the interiors of these craters.

"We interpret this relation as consistent with water ice present in these craters. The ice must be relatively pure and at least a couple of metres thick to give this signature," NASA said.

The estimated amount of water ice potentially present is comparable to the quantity estimated solely from the previous mission of Lunar Prospector's neutron data (several hundred million metric tons).

The variation in the estimates between Mini-SAR and the Lunar Prospector's neutron spectrometer is due to the fact that it only measures to depths of about one-half metre, so it would underestimate the total quantity of water ice present, NASA said.

At least some of the polar ice is mixed with lunar soil and thus, invisible to the NASA radar, it said.