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Tuesday, September 25, 2012


There is millions type of flower around the world. Each flower has its own specialty. There will be no one in this world who could hate flowers.Flowers are symbols of beauty, purity, freshness, fragrance and exct.exct. Flowers use to many purpose such as decoration, thanking someone, appreciating someone, for prayers and all of it are positive events. Wherever there is any good events there will be flowers. And flowers is the only object that is very close to God's statue/symbols at  all temples or praying places. Jasmine, hibiscus,daisy,lily,olive,white rose, red rose, sunflower,violet, and no matter what it is called..... it is a flower.And that is how human are categorized. Humans are differ with their own color, size, and appearance but humans are humans (spiritual person call it as souls).Each humans are special according to their own skills and by their physical aspects. There is no such thing as  hibiscus is low class and jasmine is high class or low class white rose and high class red rose. Same goes to human, we are created to be differ might be for some positive purpose and not for one human take advantage on another by discriminate them, that is negative. In another way the positive purpose that we are created might be not achieved by doing this. Well, the same physical look like humans divided within them is cause by caste, hence the power and the skills own by this group will be not known by the world. Unfortunately that is happening to the Indians. There is a phrase in malay  saying that ' bersatu kita teguh, bercerai kita roboh'. No matter in what language it is said but we all know that, it is true and fact. The only thing which is blocking us to be united is the ego. A baseless ego. Sri Ramana Maharishi used to tell that we must stop even use the word 'Naan' (me), because that is ego. Once there was an American philosopher who came to India and he heard about Sri Ramana Maharishi and he was so eager to meet him to have a debate. When he reached his asharam he couldn't meet Sri Ramana Maharishi as he was so busy and the American asked to come back tomorrow. Even on the next day he was not able to meet him and asked to come the following day. The third day he came aggressively and managed to meet Sri Ramana Maharishi. Once he entered the room, Sri Ramana Maharishi asked 'who are you'? He answered his name. And Sri Ramana Maharishi said, that is your name, now who are you? And he answered he is a philosopher and he asked again 'who are you' because he said that is his job. Then he answered he is from America and the saint said that is the place you came from, now who are you? He got confused and pinched himself and said this is me, me. And Sri Ramana Maharishi said, that is your body and who are you? He gave up at last and Sri Maharishi said its the ego when  you brag of yourself, and the word 'Me' it self is a ego. We don't own anything here, we came with empty and will leave empty. We don't even know what will happen on the next moment. Well it is so foolish when we categorize among ourself and be divided. And all of our skills, speciality, will be not known of the world and will be waste. So preach to our younger brothers and sisters..... 'JATHIGAL ILLAIYADI PAPA, KULAM TALTHI UYARTHI PESUVATHU PAVAM !!!'

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