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Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How to Rebuild Your Confidence

Burnout is a very real part in today’s overworked office culture.
From personal problems to professional issues, we are always finding ways to keep ourselves perked up. There comes a time when you get to a place where you need to find inspiration to regain confidence. Here’s what to do to get back your mojo.

Face your fears

The first and most important step in the entire exercise is to confront the fear that first started sagging down your confidence levels. Unless you can identify and find the reasons that led you to lose confidence this will be pointless. The next step is to work around the problem by taking decisions that will benefit you. If you’ve lost motivation because you were overlooked for a promotion for the umpteenth time, consider leaving your job and stick to the decision. Fear will keep dragging you further down until you’re six feet from the edge.

Look at your passions

There is nothing more uplifting than doing what you always love to do but couldn’t pursue for various reasons. Work your schedule in such a way that you find time for your passion – be it learning a new language or playing the guitar or even sitting at home reading that great novel everyone talks about.

Dress sharp

When we lose confidence, the first thing we lose interest is in our appearance. From the way our faces puff up with disappointment to the disastrous fashion faux pas we would never otherwise have made otherwise, feeling low comes at a price. Arrest your slide as quickly as possible and regain your former suaveness. Dress correctly, sit properly and talk with the confidence you had not so long ago. If you act out your wish, you will see that your confidence will come back to you naturally.

Seek your support system

Meet and talk to your friends and family. Most people tend to go into a shell rather than let others see how weak they’ve become. Friends and family, however, will bring you back from the brink of despair by reminding you of the good times you were a part of and will lift your mood automatically.

Try to avoid negativity

Too often, negative energies from people around us push us to the wall. While it is difficult to stay away from people all the time, find the time and space where you know no such negativity exists. Make that place your personal heaven and use it as a sanctuary whenever you feel your confidence is going down. This can be that corner of the office that only you know of or even the pot in men’s loo. Privacy and peace of mind go hand in hand.
With all these tips, your confidence should be up and running in no time.

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