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Thursday, March 17, 2011

6 Surprising Super Foods

Do you feel like you can't get all of your vitamins and minerals into your diet without overeating? Here are a few super foods that will help.

Calcium: Poppy seeds

Cheese and milk aren't the only calcium-rich foods. One tablespoon of poppy seeds contains 13 percent of your recommended daily calcium requirement. These delicious little seeds can perk up your yogurt, and are delicious with strawberries. Are you getting enough calcium?

Omega 3: Mayonnaise
Hellman's mayonnaise is naturally rich in omega 3 fatty acids. The recipe below will give you two healthy doses with the addition of canned salmon.

Iron and Vitamin B12: Clams
Three ounces of
clams provides 100 percent of your daily iron requirement and a whopping 1400 percent of your B12 needs. Both iron and B12 contribute to energy production and can help stave off anemia. B12 is great for your heart and has been shown to ease symptoms of depression.

Vitamin D: Canned salmon
A three-ounce serving of canned salmon will give you 133 percent of your daily allowance of this essential vitamin. Use it as you would canned tuna.

Vitamins C and A: Red pepper
One large red pepper provides more than 300 percent of your daily need for Vitamin C and 100 percent for Vitamin A.

B12 and Zinc: Oysters
A half-dozen oysters contains 272 percent of your daily B12 needs, and 500 percent of your zinc requirements. Pop some oysters when you feel an illness coming on.

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