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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Master your emotions

Emotion. A very powerful part of everyday life. Emotions are created differently depending on your thought patterns.They can make you feel happy or sad, healthy or sick. Stress, anxiety, or even depression are among the biggest challenges you could face if you do not positively control your emotions. They will either drive your forwards towards success, or stop you, dead in your tracks.

Now your emotions may make you see things differently to somebody else.

For example, lets say you went to see a movie and in some parts, found it very emotional. Now lets assume your friend goes to watch the same movie and finds it quite entertaining, with no emotional attachment at all.

Its how we view our environment that determines our emotional state in any given situation.

You see, you are always in one emtional state at any given time. There is no neutral. These states could be positive or negative, again no neutral. You are constantly switching from one emotional state to another, you just don't notice it.

The things people say about you, positive or negative, intentionally or unintentionally, can have a dramatic effect on your life. So if you do not positively control your emotions, then someone else will.

If you hear something about you being said that is not true, do not let yourself get emotionally attached. It will only increase the emotional pain, and could make you unwell. Instead, take control of your thought. Redirect your thought to something positive and tell yourself that you willnot allow negative gossip to ruin your day.



EXERCISE: Think of a time when you felt anger. Return to that image right now. Think about what you saw, heard, and felt.

Now think of what you are going to eat for dinner tonight...

Okay, now Sit up straight, hand by your side, put a big smile on your face... now keep that posture and smile, and try to think about the time when you felt anger...

You will probably find its very difficult to produce an image, AND the emotion is no longer there!

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