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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Ancient Chola period temple unearthed in North Jaffna

A limestone temple 40 feet long and 10 feet wide belonging to the Chola period has been unearthed in the Delft area of Northern Jaffna.

Commenting on the finding, Professor P. Pushparatnam of the Jaffna University History Department, said the people of the locality are unable to say when this temple was built.

According to Sri Lanka's Daily News daily, the ruins indicate that the building would have been built many years ago.

It is opined that if this temple had been built during the latter period of the Dutch reign or in the beginning of British rule in Sri Lanka, the people would be in a position to give some clues about the origin of the temple, he said.

The statues and the art work on stones, irrigation pipes made of baked clay and a coin found by one of Prof. Pushparatnam's students with the name of Rajaraja Chola embossed on it clearly indicate that the temple would have been built during the Chola period.

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