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Thursday, July 9, 2009

What are the limitations of Agile software development?

  • Agile development goes on iteration where each feature is released over a cycle. Without proper change management, the iteration can go into loop or lose the the focus. So for any agile methodology, the PM and the team should be very focussed and well aware of what they are doing.
  • In most of the places Agile methodology is not implemented as it is meant to be. It is does not stay in focus it will lead to failures.
  • Agile emphasizes that face-to-face, spontaneous conversation is the best form of communication. While we can certainly agree on the benefits of this form of communication, it severely limits agile applicability. Moreover, this agile principle extends beyond the development team since other stakeholders such as business analysts are required to be collocated.

    So when a team member has a doubt in a use case for that matter that they can go and clarify that doubt with the higher official, and then for the effective stakeholder participation, and to involve them in the same office space is rather difficult, and this is a limitation to me, as effective stakeholder participation is very important in agile applications. So there is a limit of office space where agile was not in picture before it is just that now everybody wants to be agile.

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