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Thursday, June 11, 2009

Advantaged of PHP over JAVA

PHP was built with the needs of Web developers in mind... Unlike other cumbersome, overhead-laden approaches, PHP is lightweight and focused on the Web - where it can solve complex problem scenarios quicker and more easily than comparable technologies."PHP is an established server-side scripting language for creating dynamic Web pages. As a language that has been designed expressly for the Web, it brings many features that commercial entities are looking for such as Exceptionally short learning curve, Quick development time ,Very high performance.

For Java Application you need lots of libraries, files and some specific environment on client machine too, Which is not been required in PHP.

PHP is arguably better option because of

1. Speed

2. Scalability

3. Price

To start this kind of debate one needs to reach an optimal point between business and technology. PHP is undoubtedly a better performer in terms of speed and performance. With added feature of full object support and support to service oriented architecture, in internet and web arena, PHP is a better player. It is a true fact that Java is advanced in terms of system communication and application control, but Java lacks in two areas.

1. A java based application can not run without JVM. This suggest that you have to do away with the group of users who donot have permission to install JVM in their system.

2. Java is slow and it adds woes to dial up network based user

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